Search English is an e-learning platform created to develop the English language skills of Bangladeshi people.

English is the second language of Bangladesh. After Bangla, we study English in our schools, colleges and universities. Still, the number of skilled people in English is very small in Bangladesh. At Search English, we strive to develop English language skills of Bangladeshi people by encouraging them to read, write, listen to and speak English language.

  • Search English is an apolitical organization dedicated to public welfare.
  • Search English Facebook Group is open to people of all ages. Bangladeshi people living in Bangladesh as well as in other countries can join this group and write posts in English language.
  • At Search English Website, we publish quality English contents on people, lifestyle, food culture, movies etc.
  • The content of the Website and Facebook group is open to all. Anyone can access these contents.
  • Anyone with Facebook accounts can join Search English Facebook Group and write posts and comments in English language.
  • Those who want to publish their English contents on Search English Website would have to obtain clearance from the website admin.
  • Search English Facebook members and writers of Search English website do not receive any kind of honorarium.
  • Articles or Posts related to religion, politics, sexual content, or any subject that is considered controversial, indecent or vulgar according to social and cultural norms, will be deleted immediately. Search English Facebook Group Members who would write such contents will be warned for the first time. If they write such posts again, their Facebook Group membership will be cancelled.
  • At Search English Facebook Group or Search English Website, we do not promote any person, or particular business organization.


Search English respects the intellectual property rights of its members and expects users to do the same when using our contents.

Writers who write- posts in Search English Facebook page or articles in Search English website- hold the copyright of their contents. If they want to delete or remove any of their posts from the Facebook group or articles from website, we would oblige.

  • Favorable Use:
    • Sharing our posts and articles in social media.
    • Copying small quantities, appropriate for classroom teaching or research.
  • Not Favorable Use:
    • Copying for profitable or commercial use.
    • Massive or verbatim copying.
    • Copying large quantities.
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