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Search English is a English language practicing platform for Bangladeshi people. It is a non-profit, apolitical organization dedicated to the public welfare.

At Search English we help Bangladeshi people to become highly proficient in English language.

Aside from Bangla, English is the other language we learn in our educational institutions-schools, colleges and universities.  The main problem of English language teaching in our country is that we give a lot of emphasis on English grammar. Most of the students in Bangla medium memorize grammar- Narration, Voice Change, Translation, Group Verbs, Common Errors and so on. They do not use the language in real life. They just focus on rote learning to pass the exams.

This whole process is very unpleasant and most of the students develop a severe dislike towards English language. Eventually, this dislike turns into fear. They face severe problem in higher education. In the universities, they have to study English books, write answers in English in their exams and write research papers in English. Poor proficiency in English language also affects their career.

Language is not just memorizing grammar. We speak fluently in Bangla language. Do we memorize Bangla grammar since childhood? The answer is, No. We can speak Bangla fluently because we use that language in our daily lives. We speak Bangla all the time. We hear Bangla audio, we listen to people talking, we read Bangla papers, magazines etc. In this way, we use Bangla language in our daily lives all the time thus becoming highly fluent in Bangla.

At Search English, we strive to create an environment where ordinary Bangladeshi people can use English language in real life. We focus on four skills of language learning- Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

At Search English Facebook Group, we encourage our members to write posts, read other members’ posts and write comments in the posts.

Search English Website contains quality English content. Members who become better in writing can publish their posts in Search English Website.

School, College, University student, job-holders, business people, anyone can join Search English.

Articles or Posts related to religion, politics, sexual content, or any subject that is considered controversial, indecent or vulgar according to social and cultural norms will be deleted immediately. Facebook Group Members or writer of Search English Website who would write such contents will be warned for the first time. If they write such posts again, their membership will be cancelled.

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