Flowers in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh has six seasons. Every season become to get different type of nature. And it’s flow give us to change our environment and mind. Let’s take a look over the flowers in Bangladesh in different seasons.

Water Lily FlowersWater Lily: Water Lily is our national flower. It grows in ponds, canals, and in lakes. It looks very beautiful. It has two colors- white and light pink. Its leaves are big more than flower. White color water lily is most popular and we see it very easily. But light pink water lily is rear and I saw it in Thakurgonj. Many people consume the body of water lily as food. They cook it with prawn fish.


Rose FlowersRose: Rose is the queen of flowers. Rose has different color. Example: red, yellow, white, black, pink and blue. It has thorns. Young lovers exchange roses as tokens of their love for each other. Some time we use it for celebration.



China Rose FlowersChina Rose: China-rose is more familiar in our country. It comes in many colors. Female use it for color hair and long lasting hair.




Marigold FlowersMarigold: It is a winter season flower. It looks like gold. We can see different type of marigold and with different sizes. It has many color-gold, yellow, brown and dark brown. Every marriage ceremony we used marigold.



Kadam Flowers

Kadam: We can see it in rainy season. It looks like mongoose body. This flower has three parts with smell. In rainy season Kamini and Jui also blooms.




Shiuly FlowersShiuly: Shiuly blooms in early morning in autumn. It emits a beautiful scent. It is white and orange color. Shiuly looks very nice. Some people make ornaments with this flower. Bokul and Mollika also bloom in autumn.



Gulmohor FlowersGulmohor: You know that it blooms in spring season; the king of seasons in our country. Gulmohor is a beautiful flower .Everybody likes its red and yellow color. Gulmohor tree is big tree. It is not herb, herbs or climber. I like its color. You know that shimul flower is also red, beautiful and blooms in spring.



Jarul FlowersJarul Flower: Jarul flower blooms in summer season. Its color is violet. After flower blooms we get fruit called “Jarul”.



The nature enchanted with flowers. Dear friend i try to introduce with flowers in our country. If any mistake ignore it please.

Written by: Jannatul Ferdous


  1. Although Bangladesh have six seasons, we can see two seasons mainly Dhaka city.But not just Dhaka city , our season has convert two or three seasons ,we can understand what is the seasons.Bangladeshi weather have been changed.
    I love all flower. The flower is used to symbol of love.

  2. Nice article Apu. I like flowers. I think most of the people like flower. In your article you write very nicely about this flower.

  3. Great Article. Well done. Water Lilly is my favorite flower. I like it very much. Thank you for the informative post.

  4. I love flowers. In my childhood, I could see different types of flower trees in Dhaka city. Now people cut trees to make house. Thank you Mohan bhai for writing such beautiful article. Your article has reminded me of my golden childhood memories.

  5. Thanks for the shared knowledge Neyamot Ullah,

    We are a couple of travel photographers currently in Bangladesh, are interested in doing photo project about a national flower — water Lily. Could you please tell us when is the gathering season in Dhaka as well in other parts of Bangladesh.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Good post.English word selection is very will be helpful both people who wants to know about flower of Bangladesh and wants to learn English.Thanks for nice write.Best wishes for you .

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