Proshiddho : to Bring Traditional Bangladesh Sweets at Your Doorstep

Proshiddho , to Bring Traditional Bangladesh Sweets at Your Doorstep

Proshiddho is an online shop selling sweets. They offer delicious sweets sourced from original producers. The shop received significant customers for its good service in a very short amount of time. In an interview, Proshiddho co-founder and Director MD.Showkat Hossain  talked about the shop and their future plan.

bangladeshi sweets
Bangladeshi Sweets

 1. When  did you decide to start this online sweet shop ?

  • Showkat Hossain: Our motto is to deliver the best food products door to door. I am a food lover and I love to travel. I visited many places in Bangladesh. While travelling , I realized that we do not get good products. People in Dhaka cannot get the traditional foods in Dhaka. This led me to establish Proshiddho in 2014, an online sweet-shop dedicated to bring traditional sweets to the sweet lovers of Dhaka city. The beginning was tough. We had to a lot of research about products and their qualities. As I travelled a lot, I had good where to look for good quality products. Finally, we launched our service on January 3, 2015. While starting of business , we contacted with several B2B companies like Ajkerdeal , . But now , we regulate this business through our own website . From the beginning, we delivered our products. We do not use courier services as we are highly concerned about product quality.
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Co-founder & Director : MD.Showkat Hossain

2. How many products Proshiddho is offering right now?

  •  Showkat Hossain: At present, we are offering nineteen types of sweets as well as honey and ghee. Our delivery coverage is now from Abdullah to Kanchpur. Due to maintaining food quality, we do not give our service outside Dhaka.

3.  From where and how do you source these products?

  • Showkat Hossain: We make sure that we provide quality products to our customers at affordable price. We go to the best suppliers. For example, we source the Chomchom  sweet of Tangail from Tangail. We bring Rasmalai from Comilla Matrivandar. In this way , we pick up Yogurt , Kheersa from Bogra , kachagolla from Natore , Muktagacha Monda from Gopal Var, Balish Mishti from Netrokona , Ras Manjuri and Rasgulla from Gaibandha , Jhandu dadar Rasgulla from Moulvibazar , Doi Sar and Sour Yogurt  from Sirajganj , Pera sandesh and Chandramukhi  from  Brahmanbaria , Roskodom  and Sabitri from Meherpur  , Motlober Kheer from Motlob, Malaikari from Mymensingh. Our team always work hard for product selection with deep research. We extensively test the quality of our ghee and honey and then decided to collect Ghee from Joy Kali Mistanno Bhandar,Tangail. We collect honey from Madhupur,Gazipur .

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4. How do you source your products?

  • Showkat Hossain: Initially, this was a serious issue because the suppliers wanted us to buy in bulk quantities. We had to do a lot of persuading. Since we do not deal with one product, it was very challenging for us. We work with multiple suppliers. Once we overcame this problem the rest of it was not so difficult. Our delivery persons work sincerely round the clock. They work very hard to deliver the product in time.

5. What kind of response you are getting from the customers?

  • Showkat Hossain: We are getting very good response from our clients. We always try to ensure the quality of our products. We source them from best manufacturers. Hence, our customers are happy with our products.
Bangladeshi Yogurt
Bangladeshi Yogurt

  6. What are the major obstacles for Proshiddho?

  • Showkat Hossain: First and foremost, traffic jam. It is the biggest problem. We must pick up our products within certain time-limit and then deliver it to the customer. Because of traffic jam we can neither pick our products in time nor deliver it to the customers at the right time. Fake order is another big problem.

7. How did you come to know about e-CAB ?

8.  How do you feel becoming a member of e-CAB ?

  • Showkat Hossain: We are very happy to be a part of e-CAB. This is a great association. In such a short amount of time they made huge impact in the e-Commerce sector of our country. e-CAB is working on e-Commerce Policy development which is a very timely step I think.

9.Do you have any suggestion for e-CAB?

  • Showkat Hossain: e-CAB is doing great. Many e-commerce companies are now members of e-CAB. I should say, it is a big gesture for all of us. We should establish our businesses, then we can demand to take some initiatives for members. My suggestion is, we suffer a lot for the misdeeds of few dishonest businessmen. They do not maintain good quality. They offer poor quality products at lower price point. It ruined the reputation of e-Commerce businesses. Most of the people do not trust e-Commerce companies. It effects companies like us who are trying to deliver the best quality products. We are facing lots of challenges to overcome this trouble. If e-CAB can take any steps to ensure that its members maintain certain standards then this problem can be solved. People will feel comfortable to shop online.

10.What is your future plan and do you have any message to all ?

  • Showkat Hossain: We have many plans. We are trying to diversify our product collection. We plan to step in bigger concerns with the best collection of products. We do not believe in monopoly market. No business can fulfill all demands of people in the country. We have to work together and try to be honest in service because e-Commerce would not flourish without trust. If clients are happy, we will make money.

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