Dhanmondi Lake in Dhaka: A Summer Noon

It was Dhanmondi Lake which is beside our e-CAB office. It was a hot summer Saturday noon. The time was 1:30 PM. We started walking through Dhanmondi road 6. On the way, we found a dog sleeping peacefully. The day being a weekend, there were not many cars or rickshaws. So, the dog did not have any problem to relax in the street.
Next, we meet a vegetable seller. He was happy to be photographed. I told him that we will put the photo in Facebook and Website. He told us that he had no idea about it but his son is addicted to Facebook. He was perhaps happy that he would be able to share the story with his son later.
When I was a child there were many crows in Dhaka. Now, they are very few and I am not sure about the reason. May be use of pesticide and chemicals has increased excessively. I was happy to find this crow. We used to memorize essay about crow at least in Bangla in our school life.
I am not an expert about birds. May be it is a goose or a swan. What is in name? I was happy to see it taking its meal. Its partner was beside it too.
Dhanmondi lake is a good place for fishing. I never caught a fish in my life. I do not have the patience or skill. When we were there, someone just caught a large fish. May be it is a telapia or shorputi. I am weak in identifying fishes too.
We often complain about your lives. We do not get opportunities, we are not respected by others or treated fairly. Yes, for most of us, life is not fair. I also have the same idea as I have to suffer too many vejals regularly.
Then let us look at this boy who is selling fruits. He is only 17 or 18 and he is supposed to be either in school now or enjoy life with his friends. What is he doing? On a hot summer day, he is selling guava and green mango. Is he complaining? No, he is not. Instead, he is happy that he is earning a living and he is even happier to be in a crowded place like Dhanmondi lake where he does not have to struggle to find customers.
This photo moved me deeply. Even I did not ask the name of the boy. Look at him. He does not have any AC or a fan to comfort him. If he is thirsty, he cannot afford to buy Coke or cold water. Still, he is not unhappy. Most of the days, we become unhappy for nothing. We should really learn from the street people to be happy and move forward in life. We should also try to be hard working like the boy. Then, we will achieve success sooner or later.
The next photo is even more interesting. A boy 5 or 6 was feeding several dogs. He was not afraid of them and even was kicking them in joy. I realized that he regularly feeds the dogs and that is why the dogs love him too. The humanity I found in this boy was amazing. We should be kind to animals as they are really helpless among us humans.
Shooting balloons is a favorite past time for many persons. I was never good at it or I did not have enough money to spend during my childhood, teenage or young years. Finally, I was never fond of killing or hunting birds and animals either. But, I understand many people love it. May be, these days, there are more people like I am and that is why this game is losing popularity.
You know that Jack fruit is our national fruit but I was not a big fan of it. I love mango and I guess that most of us are like me. So, I cannot still understand the logic behind its becoming the national fruit.
Finally, I do not know the English word for the tree krishnochura. This tree looks very colorful with its red flowers.
That brings us to the end of this post. I just like to point out one thing. I have described the photos not with my eyes but with my mind. I tried to look at things in my own ways. You do not have to agree with me in everything but you surely can write your own ideas in the comment section.

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  1. Very good illustration. The way of storytelling is very touchy. This post somehow makes me sad. I have never visited dhanmondi lake. But i have an image now. This writing provides some valuable lessons…which are very effective in provoking noble human qualities. I have learned that i have to think outside the boxes…have see the opposite side of the coin.

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