To establish a complete English learning platform, we are always working so hard. We are trying to find the best and convenient ways whether it’s a method or tool for our learners. To implement a great method of listening practice, we are continuing our research till now.

Listening Content or Tool?

We have created some listening content till now on our SoundCloud and Mixcloud channels. The content are based on variety of activities. You will find some songs performed by our group members, live audio adda records and live podcast records. All of these content are very inclusive and easy to understand for anyone. Earlier 2017, we tried running live audio adda for other audience who can’t join audio adda. After continuing for a month, we stopped running live audio adda due to not having enough high tech. So, right now we only have some previously created resources.

How to Listen Old Records?

If you want to listen our old records, it’s very simple. We have our old archive of audio adda and other programs uploaded on two different channels. You can visit any of these or both to listen all the archived files. We also allow to download any track from our channel if it available to download.

Any Charge for Listening?

No, it’s absolutely free to listen or download our archive. You just need an internet connection and a smart device to listen those content online or download. We encourage you to listen our archived programs and give your feedback on how can we improve.

Where to Listen?

Well, as we said it above all of our videos were uploaded on our SoundCloud and Mixcloud channels. So you need to visit our channels by visiting clicking the images bellow. Before doing that, please make sure you are using a broadband connection or unlimited data pack to make sure you’re not paying too much for the data.