At Search English, we are currently offering two different products; Webinars & Courses.

Our text based online courses are subscription basis. If you subscribe for any of our offered package bellow, you will get access to all of our listed (currently 5) text based courses. You can then enroll yourself to courses as per your choice. After successfully completing all the lessons of a course you can enroll to another. You can also get enrolled in multiple and/or all the courses at the same time.

We charge per class basis for our webinars. You will have to pay BDT 150 for each of the session you want to join. For that you have to confirm your payment through this Webinar Payment form each time. If you are joining for the first time in a webinar, you have to submit this Webinar Application form first. After your successful submission, one of our executive will reach you via SMS and phone call.

For Bangladeshi Learners

All the subscription packages include 1 day free trial. No payment needed to sign up!


৳50 /week

Access to All Courses


৳200 /month

Access to All Courses


৳600 /3 months

Access to All Courses