Alia Bhatt: The New Star of Bollywood

Alia Bhatt, is a cute , elegant adorable princess to all in Bollywood . Starting from Student of the Year , then back to back mind blowing performance on silver screen , she has established herself as a dominating actress in India.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt : The New Star of Bollywood

British actress ,Alia Bhatt was born on 15 March 1993 and lives in Mumbai .Her father Mahesh Bhatt from Gujarati , is a famous film director . Her mother , Soni Razdan from German and Kashmiri descent, is a bollywood actress . She has three sisters. Shaheen is a elder sister who is filmmaker as well as script writer .Another sister Pooja Bhatt is a famous bollywood actress . Her brother Rahul Bhatt is a fitness trainer . Director Mohit Suri who is famous for Ashique 2 , Ek tha villain , Hamari Adhuri Kahani and actor Emraan Hashmi are her parental cousins . She has completed her high school from Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai and participated all extracurricular activities.

She has engaged with film from her childhood . In Sangharsh , she played as child role . But she made debut her leading role in Student of the year . Alia Bhatt got selected leaving behind 10 contestants . For the Highway , she won filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress .

Unknown Facts of Alia Bhatt :

Alia Bhatt , affectionately is called as a Aloo , means Potato .You might find in her looks as bubbly, peppy and outgoing girl. She doesn’t cook well , loves to enjoy with friends in party , dislikes candle light dinner . She likes cold beverages , doesn’t smoke. She is very flexible ,can touch easily her toe to head . She choose anything by sweet scent of anything . She uses men’s perfume mostly . She becomes nervous during travelling in airplane . She likes jolly minded guys and her life-partner should be like that and respect her families . Her favorite actor is Shaharukh Khan , boy friend is Ranbir Kapoor .
When she remains at home , loves to care on skin , reading books , take a sleep . She can take a sleep fourteen hour long at a stretch . But she doesn’t love to take nap , but due to removing tiredness , sometimes she takes it on the set . She loves yogurt and Italian , Mexican dishes food is preferable . During Starring in Student of the Year , she has lost 15 lg weight within three months . She loves to dance , tries different type of indian dance forms . She considers Parineeti Chopra is her tough competitive partner .

Alia Bhatt : The New Star of Bollywood
Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt , Handball is her favorite game . She is very friendly in nature , tries to maintain off screen friendship . Famous fashion designer Masaba Gupta is considered as good friend . They hang out with friends and this friendship is mentioned as a “Spice Girls” . She loves to shopping as an ordinary girl .Kareena Kapoor is her favorite actress .She practices Yoga which helps her to make perfect shape . She loves to be alone sometimes , enjoys dream . She wanted to be part in Aashique 2 . She didn’t want debut in her father directed film . She is close to her mother and has cherished to be appeared in her directed films . Punjabi is her mother tongue and she loves to speak also .

Alia Bhatt is also a food lover but it’s selective for dieting. But her food selection might make you appetite . She loves to vegetable juice along with fruit . Roti with dal(pulse) , vegetables are her favorite item . In sweetmeat , she loves Kheer , Rabri . Pizza is also her favorite

She takes her dinner preferably rice, vegetables, chapatti with a bowl of dal or with a piece of chicken breast .She has a soft corner for noodles , soft drinks , burger that take it occasionally . At night ,she takes Kaju milk . She takes enough sleep and drink too much water , She thinks that only it is her beauty secret .

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Though Alia Bhatt was born in a silver spoon , she wanted to be established on her own feet . That’s why she did not want to her debut in her father movie . She was selected for “Students of the year ” by competing among 400 girls . Karan Jahar selected her on condition that she had to lose her weight . After three months strict dieting she lost 16 kg weights . She was not fashionista , but after stepping in movie worlds she has fallen love in fashion world . She was  running a online fashion portal named .  Beside having acting skill ,she is good at painting . She can creating charcoal painting . She has soft side in heart for animals. She calls her pet cat as Pikka , from Pokemon’s Pikachu.

Alia Bhatt : The New Star of Bollywood
Alia Bhatt

There , everybody knows that Alia Bhatt is a daughter of famous film maker Mahesh Bhatt. Due to born in rich family , you might think that she lives with lots of pleasure . But she refused that . She leads normal life like others . There are no gorgeous . Even she wants to be ones who like her with having Pajama and he should have very sense of humor . Varun Kumar is her close friend . She enjoys to work with Rohit Shetty . Alia Bhatt wants to play in all typed of films like masala films , offbeat movies , serious movie etc . She looks very beautiful when she wakes up in the morning with puffy eyes .Chocolate ice-cream her favorite especially Nutella . Himachal Pradesh is her favorite place . She has nervous in flying during plane is starting . Peanut with green tea is her favorite beverage item . She is very industrious and believes in one chant “WOrk , WOrk , WOrk “ and early riser too . She is the admirer of her sister her mother Soni Razdan, her mentor Karan Johar and her sister, Shaheen Bhatt . TOm & Jerry is her favorite cartoon .

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Chocolate girl ,  Alia Bhatt is a leading actress in India . .

Now Let’s have a glance about her favorite things.  

Favorite Colour: Red, purple, blue

Favorite Food:French Fries, The crispy Aromatic Duck from Yauatch Mumbai

Favorite Actor: Shahrukh Khan who was her first celebrity crush, Govinda, Ranbir Kapoor

Favorite Actress:Kareena Kapoor

Favorite Song : Her debut song from movie Highway (Sooha saaha)

Favorite Lipstick: Light shades

Favorite Shoe:Comfortable yet classy

Favorite Dress Designer: Manish Malhotra

Favorite Perfume: Gucci

Favorite Hobby: Party, Enjoy with friends, listen Music

Favorite Place: Mumbai

Favorite Music: Rap

Favorite Singer: Lata Mangeshker

Favorite Music Director: A.R Rahman

Favorite Car: Audi Q 5, BMW, Skoda

Favorite Sport: Cricket

Favorite Activity: Charcoal Painting, Bellet

Role Model: Her Father Mahesh Bhatt

Favorite Director: Zoya Akhtar, Rajkumar Hirani, Ayan Mukerji

Favorite Writer: William Shakespeare

Favorite Book: I Love you and Kite Runner

Favorite Brands: Dior, Prada, Michael Kors

The BEST Movies of  Alia Bhatt

Her first film is Student of the Year , a indian romantic drama film . Karan Johar is the director of this movie. In this film , Alia Bhatt acted as Shanaya Singhania . In this film she appeared with  Abhimanyu Singh (Sidharth Malhotra ) and Rohan Nanda (Varun Dhawan) . It is mainly triangular romantic youthful breezy film . The dean of St Teresa’s college has hospitalized . The least year’s college students have  reunited to see him . The story goes through the past activities of their lives , loves . The music album of this movie was also well received by the audience . “Ishq Wala Love , Radha , Disco Song “ became the hit . Yahoo ,The Times of India gave positive review of the album .

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Highway is  her acted Indian drama film . This film is written and directed by  Imtiaz Ali . Alia Bhatt was acted as Veera Tripathi in this film . In this movie , Veera is the daughter of a rich business man and about to be married . when she was taken short ride by her fiancee ,gang  abducted her for ransom . After some days , she was found in love with her kidnapper(Randeep Hooda) . Captivating music track of this movie  was the directed by A.R.Rahman . Alia Bhatt was recorded lullaby song “Sooha Saha” with Zeb in this film  .

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt : The New Star of Bollywood


Udta Punjab is an indian crime drama film was co-written directed by Abhishek Chaubey . The story is about how much rich north Indian State of Punjab youth generation affects with  drug abuse . There are many conspired in this trading .  In this film , Alia Bhatt acted as Bauria , farmworker as Bihari farmworker . She has become an victim unintentionally in this crime . There were many controversies before releasing this movie . But after realising this movie got huge acclaim . For this film , Alia Bhatt was awarded by Filmfare Award 2017 as Best actress category .

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Dear Zindagi , her latest film .This movie was  written and directed by Gauri Shinde .   Through this movie her dream has come true to act with Shaharukh Khan . Originally , in this movie , Alia Bhatt is the main actor , Shaharukh Khan plays an extended cameo appearance . In this film , she acted as Kaira , a cinematographer , has cheerful life is covered with black clouds soon . After being with Jug ,she discovers a new meaning of life . After releasing this movie has got huge response .This movie earned a total of ?94.63 crore in India, grossing ?139.25 crore worldwide . For this movie Alia Bhatt was nominated by Filmfare Award for Best Actress . The sound track of this movie was also well-acclaimed by the listeners . Alia Bhatt  appeared also as playback singer in this movie , Songs  are ,  “Love You Zindagi” (Club Mix) , “Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le” (Take 2) .

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindegi

2 States is a romantic comedy film co written and directed by Abhishek Varman . Alia Bhatt was paired up with Arjun Kapoor as a lead role in this movie . Alia Bhatt was acted as  Ananya Swaminathan Malhotra , a BBA student from Tamil Brahmin family . The story revolves how they make love bond and face difficulties when they want to turn into marriage for the culture of two different states . This blockbuster movie earned domestic net of ?1.01 billion (US$15 million).  For her acting , Alia Bhatt got IIFA Awards for Best Actress category .

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Her two movies are on the rope of releasing .  One is Badrinath Ki Dulhania . In this film , she will appeared with Varun Dhawan . Second movie is DragonRanbir Kapoor will be paired up  with Alia Bhatt in this movie .

In 2013 , she was enlisted her as The Times of India‘s Most Desirable Woman of 2012  . For contribution in cinema , she was awarded by GR8! Women Awards: Contribution to cinema .

Alia Bhatt as a singer : 

Alia Bhatt is not only a good actress but good singer. Here are some tracks she sang for her movies-

SamJhawan:  This song is from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania starring Varun Dhawan. This soulful, heart rendering song is covered by Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal and composed by Jawad Ahmad. An unplugged version was recorded by Alia Bhatt. This mind-blowing song with heart touching music can give a romantic sense and feel the depth of love.

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The song portrays one lovers who loves his dears heartedly , but has rejected many times . He intense love pleads her always to listen her crying untold woes in heart that’s only for her. This song was well received by listeners , within one day , it achieved one million views in youtube.

Sooha Saaha : This is lullaby type song . Here Soha means “RED” and Saaha means “Rabbit” . “Sooha Saaha Amma Ka’ means ‘Red rabbit of the mother” . That means here rabbit is meant by sweet , cute baby of a mother. This song is from Highway. And this song was recorded by Zeb Bangash, Alia Bhatt and the music director was A.R.Rahman. For this song Alia Bhatt was trained under A.R.Rahman.

Ikk Kudi Club Mix :  Often we face difficulties in life. Those situations reveals your character. You ponder yourselves to discover actually who you are? How you have reached here? Ikk Kudi  is from Udta Punjab. Originally this song was recorded by Shahid Mallya . Alia Bhatt did playback for song “Ikk Kudi (Club Mix).” version .  This song version was released on June 17, 2016 .

Love You Zindagi Club Mix: This song is from her latest movie Dear Zindagi . This song depicts , life is a strange thing , now there is black cloud , on another moment , you face would be like sunshine  . So , Succumbed into failure thought, it’s just a time waste . Be breezy , be cool , forget your sorrows , embrace the present , try with die hard . This Love You Zindagi club mix version is the totally opposite the original one. If you would miss the bubbly vibe of Alia in there , then it is the dashing presentation for you .

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le – 2

Alia Bhatt was appeared in  another song Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le – 2 . Original song is in the same movie Dear Zindegi . The orginal song was voiced by  Arijit Singh .

Alia Bhatt is engaged with Charitable works too . She participated in a campaign for PETA ,for making awareness about animals . She is also well known model . She has been endorsed with many brands like  Coca-Cola, Garnier and Maybelline.

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