Guava Market: Heritage of South Bengal

The southern part of the country is famous for guavas sometimes we call it as Bengal’s Apple’. Especially in Jhalakathi Sadar Upazila and at Swarupkathi and Banaripara Upazila in Pirozpur, farmers mostly rely on guava farming. This kind of diversity of life is hardly to be found in other places of the country.

Conversely, loss in guava farming in one season normally leads to serious distress for the farmers for rest of the year.

The eye-soothing guava orchards on canals over Jhalakathi’s Sugandha, Bishkhali, Gabkhan and Sandhya River are Southern region’s main places of guava farming. Thousands of tons of guavas are supplied all across the country every day. Boats are the main transportation system for supplying. Farmers carry the guavas onto the boats from the river connected orchards. There are hundreds of boats filled with guava and all the trades are being held on boats.

Guava Market-2

The floating market appears as the center of Barisal’s beauty. Nobody knows when the idea of this floating market began. Nevertheless it’s almost a 100 years old costumes.

Development and modernization are taking over the country but it’s surprising to see them not reaching to this river-adjoined life yet. For more than 100 years, the local farmers have been watching the ups and downs of life along with the ebb and flow of the river. Many farmers and wholesalers gather here every day. Not only guava, there are other fruits sold in this market specially various kind of fresh green vegetables are so much delicious from this place.

Boat makers at the weekly “NoukarHaat” (boat market) in Kuriana ( under the Swarupkathi upazila) of Pirojpur district are doing excellent seasonal business
during this monsoon. The two-kilometre-long marketplace is noted for the trade in
different diversified of boats during the monsoon season. The market runs every Friday from May to November. “Panis” or “Pinis”, “Dingi” and “NaakGolui” are the kinds of boats will be always there for you for sale. It is built by local craftsmen from the Muktahar, Chami, Boldia, Inderhaat, Boitha Kata, Dubi and Kathali villages.

Guava Market-3

So all are cordially invited you will the most amazing floating market their there. From Dhaka maybe in last Friday more than 200 people came to see the beauty of Guava market along more than 2000 local and nearby district people have been experiencing the amazing scenario of boat and guava market in Barisal.

Lastly, Razib Ahmed Sir told me to write about it as I am from Barisal and happy to see this beautiful guava orchard. Surprisingly I have heard that almost 400 acre region is covered by the guava orchard. Can you just imagine how far will it be?

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