How It Works

Search English is an open platform for learners all across the world. If you’re new here, you might not have any idea about how it works. You may start practicing through our platform in no time. We use the most efficient way and simplest tools to practice here covering the following skill sets:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

How It Works for Reading?

For reading practice, we use our article library on our website. These articles are organized into different difficulty levels (0-10). To start practice for improving your reading skill, you have to visit our Reading Portal. Once you are landed on our reading portal, you will find the category navigation bar which represents the difficulty levels (0 to 10). Category 0 (zero) is the collection of easiest articles. A beginner level learner will be able to read and understand those easily. Category 10 contains the extreme hard articles. Only learners who complete the levels step by step, will able to read and understand those collection.

We recommend learners to read through all the articles of each category one by one. Once you’re done with reading the whole category, then jump to the next difficulty level. We also ask you to leave a comment after reading a article in its comment box. That helps us to know whether you understand the content or not.

How It Works for Writing?

We use two different tools for writing practice; Facebook Group and Writing Portal.

We ask our learners to follow the best practice bellow in our Facebook group:

  • Join regularly.
  • Write at least 30 comments everyday.
  • Try to write long post.
  • Don’t bother or hesitate to write even if you make mistakes.
  • Don’t bother about grammatical errors.

Once we notice some improvement in a learner, we recommend him/her to write on our writing portal for next level of improvement. You’re free to write here anything except few of the Prohibited Topics.

How It Works for Speaking?

We run a voice conference (Audio Adda) every night for peaking practice (currently off). It helps many learners to improve their speaking skill. We require learners to follow the rules bellow to join Audio Adda.

  • Be regular
  • If you are new participant, try to listen the whole conversations at least 7 days
  • Respect your fellow speakers
  • Don’t use bad/abusive words
  • Don’t speak on Prohibited Topics
  • Show respect and politeness to female participants
  • Follow the organizers instructions
  • Help to keep a friendly and welcoming atmosphere within Audio Adda
  • Don’t misguide others or misinterpret anything

To join Audio Adda, follow the Speaking guide.

How It Works for Listening?

We run our listening method in two ways; Listening Recorded Clips and Listening Audio Adda. To listen our recorded clips, simply visit our SoundCloud and MixCloud channels. And start listening the recorded clips from the start to end. To listen the Audio Adda, simply join in the Audio Adda every night.