Moinot Ghat: The Mini Cox’s Bazar

Every person wants to travel the tourist spots in search of mental peace but lack of time and loads of work keeps them busy. Many people worry about many things before traveling. There is tension about time, adequate money and good travel companion. You might have seen all the tourist spots around Dhaka city. You do not have enough money and time to travel somewhere far away, but you need an aesthetic and pleasant environment to make yourself resilient.

To see the waves of the Padma River and boat trip, you can go to Moinot Ghat located in Dohar upazila of Nawabgonj. The beautiful high waves will enchant your mind. Walking on the bank of the beautiful river, and seeing the boats swinging sideways by the waves would make you feel that you are on Cox’s Bazar sea beach not in Dohar, Dhaka. For this reason, many people call it ‘Mini Cox’s Bazar’.

As Moinot Ghat is not yet known, many nature lovers are deprived of enjoying the beauty of this place. If you go there early in the morning then you will see the bazaar of various species of fish including Hilsa. If you want you can buy fish at cheat price from here.

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The best time to enjoy the beauty of Moinot Ghat is rainy reason. It is amazing to see the sunset sitting on the bank of the Padma River. Here visitors can see plenty of sailboats of various colours. Local people living in the surrounding areas roam into the river with speed boat or trawler during holidays. Tourists start coming from far away. It is not like that you will go back just seeing the beach. Besides, you can visit Judge Bari (house), Ukil Bari, Khelaram Kotha and many other tourist spots in Nawabgonj.

What is the rent of speed boat, trawler or small boat?

If anybody wants to go to Faridpur’s Charbhadrasan Upazilla from Moinot Ghat by speed boat then each person will have to spend Tk 160. Each speed boat has the maximum sitting capacity of 10-12 adult passengers. It takes 16 to 17 minutes to reach Charbhadrasan from quay. If there is strong wave in the Padma River then it will take 20 minutes. According to statements taken from boatmen, if you want to reserve a boat for floating on the river for 20 minutes then you will have to pay Tk 2000 and Tk 1000 for 10 minutes. It is better if some of you can share the rent together. If you want to reserve a trawler and roam onto Padma River then you have to spend Tk 500-1000. You should bargain about the boat rent. Moreover, if you want to roam onto the river by small engine run boat then you have to pay 300-600 taka for one hour.

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How to go there?

The distance between Dhaka and Moinot Ghat is almost 61 kilometres. The easiest way to go to Moinot Ghat of Dohar from Dhaka is to take direct bus of Jamuna Paribahan, which leaves for Moinot Ghat in front of Golap Shah Mazar in Gulistan. Price of the ticket is Tk 90. It will take two to two and half hours to reach the destination. At the time of returning, come back to Dhaka with the same bus. Those who want to go there by private car or motorbike can use the bus route. It will be easier to go there. It is better to take your own car or some of you can rent a car together for travelling Moinot Ghat and all places of Nawabgonj. The last bus leaves for Dhaka from Moinot Ghat at 6:30 pm evening.

Where to stay?

There is no accommodation facility for tourists to stay near Moinot Ghat. No hotel, resort or boarding has been constructed either by government or private organization. You have to return within the sun set if you cannot manage to convince any local resident to let you stay.

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Where to eat?

It will not happen that you will go there but will not eat Hilsa fish. Most of the people have the desire to eat Hilsa fish caught from the river sitting on the bank of the Padma River. There are only two hotels in Moinot Ghat that sale rice. One is Atahar Chowdhury’s hotel and another one is owned by Julhash Bhuiyan. There is a fast food shop named Shikdar Fast Food in Kartikpur. Along with Dhaka hotel, there are some more hotels that also sale rice. You should not miss the opportunity to taste the traditional sweets found in Kartikpur. Many people send Kartikpur’s traditional sweets abroad. Ranjit and Niranjan mishtannovandar (sweet shops) of Kartikpur bazar have reputation.


Additional caution:

If you do not know how to swim, it is better not to go very deep into the river while bathing. Do not litter cigarette or food packets, water bottle or any kind of dirt here and there. It is your responsibility to protect the nature. So, refrain yourself from hunting any kind of birds. At the time of rainsy reason, wave becomes stronger. Do not go deep into the river by a very small boat. Do not go to a boat trip withou life jacket if you do not know how to swim. Do not travel by a speed boat without wearing life jacket. When going for boat trip, try to enjoy the nature instead of creating chaos.

I hope readers will enjoy reading this article and after reading this, they will make up their mind to visit the place as early as possible either with their friends or family members. This place is worth visiting. If you do not go there then you will miss something.



  1. Excellent writing bro . You beautifully presented about Moinot Ghat . I have not ever been gone there . But , your article have touched me a lot . I wish I could go there . thank you bro .

  2. you wrote well, I think it’s enough information about moinot ghat, people can easily get the direction from it. I also going to enjoy moinot ghat. (mini cox’s bazar).

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