Success Story of Azmira Jahan Rima

Time was the Second week in June 2016 when I joined in Search English group. From the beginning part, I was a regular member of this group. That time member had not more like present time.That time most of the member was active and they wrote posts as well as comment.

Once I saw a post from Abul Khayer vaiya, post Title was,”Member Of The Day” for motivating the active and regular member. Those achieved this reward who were active and regular. By seeing this, I was committed to gain this reward and tried a lot for getting this reward. Then I started to write comments as well as post. But I have written more comments than post because I believed that writing comment is more effective than writing post.I did more attempt as though I had entirely Confident. Then the first week of August 2016, I got my reward from Abul Khayer than I saw in the previous time. How much time did I take for touching this reward? It’s almost two months. From that time I started my successful journey with Search English. After that success came one after another. After sometimes I got another reward “Little Princes Of Search English ” from Partho vaiya.

Now turning to my 2nd achievement. It’s “Speaking “. By Search English, I could join on Skype Adda for speaking practice. Though I was not so much regular, I was there only twelve days.Only twelve days was the turning point for getting my speaking fluency. And I could able to recover my hesitation, shame and fear. Now I can speak with any person.

My 3rd achievement It’s “Top student of my batch”. In my batch student amount 81. I was a good student not best but after joined Search English, I was starting to be best.And now I am best still now I am carrying the highest CGPA in my batch.I don’t need more time for reading academic books. Writing as well as reading ability I achieved from this group.

My 4th achievement It’s “Write about different topics” Once I had a dream that I will write about anything or any person whatever I think or want. Now it’s not my dream, it’s reality. From the learning beginning part, I wrote almost 200+ post in this group besides my own Facebook profile by creating event. These are Friend, E-banking, Physical Exercise, Love-1, Love-2, Motivational Speech, Changed Belief, Vision, Hard Work, Consideration, Educational Story, Five Truth in Life, Parenting is not popular contest, Preparation leads to be confidence, Live in the Present, Focus to your Ambition, Teaching Profession, Learning Today Leading Tommorrow, Success & Confidence, Farmer, Early Rising, An ideal Students,

and also Wrote about some famous people such as- BD actor Mosharraf Karim, Quazi Azhar Ali (founder of Bangladesh University), Mashrafe Bin Mortaza (Best captain in Bangladesh National Cricket Team), R.K. Rowling and Oprah Winfrey.

All credit goes to Razib Ahmed vaiya (Founder of Search English Group).

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Azmira Jahan Rima