Success Story of Kamrun Sweety

When I join Search English group I always follow Razib sirs advice. His advice really excellent. I’m a girl who always feels fear and shy in my life. But Razib sirs advice removes my shy and also increase my confidence. Firstly I’m afraid to comment every post. But now I’m able to comment every post and every day I learn many important words. Search English group member are very helpful and friendly.

Now I tell my story- I got the 3rd prize in my college “Essay competition”.this is first prize in my life. I never participated any competition only for my shy and fear.But Razib sirs Advice and Search English group already removes my shy and fear that’s why I participated this competition. And finally, I got the 3rd prize. It’s not only 3rd prize but also it’s my achievement only for Search English group. when I take my prize in my hand I firstly big thanks to Razib sir. Really sir your Advice really excellent. And also Thanks for creating this group. You’re the best mentor. Every day Search English group change many people’s life. This is a group where many people increase their weakness, shy and fear.


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Kamrun Sweety