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Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to tell you my little story about importance of English Language in my life. Hope it will help some people to understand my position that, how could I survive in some Big corporate situation.

First of all, I am not graduated yet. Doing Engineering in a private university. Though I started my career long time ago. It almost 5 years I am doing Job, businesses and other stuffs like that. It probably a big thing for some pupil. Because doing Calculus and Job with the same period of time is not so easy huh? But I did not afraid of what I am doing! Still I am not afraid of things that going to burn me or not. I only believed in moving on. I remember one thing that in a viva exam, one Teacher asked me. What does your Father do? I replied very politely and with very shyness that my Father died when I was probably Four (4) or Five (5)! Teacher asked me again, how many Brothers do you have? I replied, Four (4) but my elder brother also died. Then he replied unexpectedly that, oh that means you are dependent on your brother’s expenses! (My teacher did not know that, I had got scholarship from gov. and I survive by my own earning money from class Ten (10)). He never asked me any question rather than felt pity on me and gave me “D” grade instead of asking any further study related question at all. I have deep passion for my work. That is why I have learned English Language. I have big passion for upgraded things and stuffs. I never felt lost, because I never liked to lose or pissed off for any reason which is not beyond my reaching capability. Lots of ups and downs and miserable incidents happen to my life. But I did not take that much time, so that the situation could stab me over and over again! Where I started my Job life, holding a CEO position now. I am now doing lots of meeting with foreigners. Like Srilankan, Missourian, New Zealanders, Chinese and other foreigners. I also fill-up the major NDA forms with full responsibilities. Lots of English staffs right? Yes it is. Recently I did a meeting with HUAWEI. And guess what! Yes I succeeded.

I never felt afraid of showing honesty. I never felt frustrated for my thousands of failure deeds. Because inside my mind somehow I knew that, this is not the end. This is not the last part of my life of hope! I will regain myself over and over. I will do something better. If I had done anything wrong. I regret for whatever wrong I did. But I never quit of hope. I would love to see the future whatever is waiting for me. But not with a regretful mind I guess. Because, I am hopeful. I will pull a Rickshaw instead of begging. Still I have lot to do. I am not successful yet. When my future wife and children (if I have) will ask something from me, I should give them. I should serve them. Because whatever we do, do it for ourselves and obviously for our family.

Search English is a great platform for all of us indeed. Because, it is giving us a chance to express our thoughts and matters. It’s a great platform for Learning English. Do not worry about grammatical mistake. If you do not keep mistaking and if you do not learning from it, then you are in a blind wrong path. So do mistake and learn from it. You have to have a lots of courage to do mistake and learning from it. Thus, how you would improve in English. It is nothing believe me! I have seen too many people with thick and over weighted files. But they are very poor in English. So that, their struggle which they have made by spending thousands of hours is totally wasted. If you do not have proper proficiency in English, then you have very poor taste in the present condition of job market, believe me! I have taken lots of interviews in this young age. And all I have learned from that, is if you have no guts! You have no future to make a success story of your own. I motivated my employees a lot. I helped my village brothers by helping them with my motivation and courage. I also gave them job to my company. And helped them getting a bigger job. On my motivational speech, I encouraged them to speak English boldly. It is not all about getting certificates and filling up your files with bunch of papers. It is also about deciding what you have to do with your beautiful life. Decide what is right and wrong going on to your life. Not every person going to be a hero or heroine, but every person could be something who would serve his/her family and make them happy with joyful moment. And for those family you are the hero, you are the heroine. So, what so big deal? Are you going to work your socks off? Are you going to learn more to secure your future? Are you going to be a good person? Are you going to have a happy life? Do not waste your time. Learn and learn. Walk through the prosperous life. Make it happen. And I know very well that you are going to be a master of your own life. Always love yourself and embrace the SUCCESS.

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  1. Wow! I am excited to read this wonderful success story.
    Thanks a lot, this also motivated me to gain new things everyday.

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