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Hi, everyone. Today I am with you with my little story. One day I see a writing of Razib Ahmed in BCS our goal. I was a member of Search English still. But I think it is a useless work. I always do not like show off and promulgate. I thought why they are doing it? I feel disturbed to see it. So, I never feel that it will be so much effective to learn English. Because wherever in social media I joined before, obligingly I had lots of bad experience. But in Search English, I was seeing some of the members are improving so much. I have to admit, I feel zealous of them. I used to saw the post of Partho protim mojumder vai, comment of Sumon Mullik vai. I saw the long post decorated with high volume vocabulary and phrase of Kamrul Hasan vai, I saw the post of Kamrul hasan ( shawon) vai. One day, I started to thought. It will not be like others group. I have attraction of translation. I tried to do it on my note before. One day, I see a post of Partho protim mojumder. He wrote about welcoming and greeting the New Year. May be it was 11 January. He came here a little bit late to wishing happy new year. I see that Razib Ahmed vaia let someone to translate it. But it has passed 19 hours. No one come to do this. I texted Razib Ahmed vaia with little bit trembling. Within a moment he replied me. “Sure, you can do it”
I was overwhelmed to see this. I translated the post of Partho vai English to Bengali. I started my journey on Search English. Then I try to insist Razib vaia to let me some post for translate. One day he told me to translate His inspirational writings. I never thought that I am going to get best something in my life. I got what I never find before. Writings of Razib Ahmed vaia. Best something of my life. I feel really blessed to get this. You know the translation is boring work. Really, I have to confess it. But only for this inspirational writing, I had not to look back. I had translated 50 posts at a stretch. I meet with vaia. Then I have a new experience. This man is so gregarious person. He has no proud though he has lots of things to be proud. He is a very kind man. He has a generous mind to take people close to him.

Then whenever I faced any problem, I let him know. Oh! I am forgetting to tell my success story. What I have said those all of my part of success. Before I had nothing to express myself in English. Now am telling like that, montit does not matter. This my success. I had a long desire to talk with people in English, now I can converse with anyone. Today, in the mid-day, one of the person called me from Somalia. I knew him, because it was three months ago I tried to talk with him on WhatsApp. That time I was not able to talk any single word. Today, I had 20 min conversation with him. This is my success. Now I am trying to write article. It might be you have seen also. This is my success. In the premises of learning English, I have got unlimited from Search English. Every footprint of mine in this flowerbed of Search English is full of success. I have to go long way, pray for me so that I can be grateful always to Search English to Razib Ahmed vaia. Best of luck! Search English.

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  1. So nice Via. You have shared a splendid experience what you have gathered from the Search English Group. Really, You have done a tremendous task by joining in the effective group for learning English. Many persons like you have gained a good command of English. You have worked hard and got your result. Search English is a really effective platform that assists any person to be proficient in English. The person who spends more time like you must be skilled in English like you I am completely sure about the matter. To see your successful story, we will be courageous to implement our desired goal. Many thanks, Razib Ahmed Sir for his outstanding creation.

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