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Hello dear mates hope you all are fine. All the members of this Search English group are like as family. This group connects us with a tight binding. Every day we hear many success stories from the members of this group. Today I would like to tell you about my improvement and achievement which I got from this group.

This is a fear free group. Everyone can practice here without any fear and hesitation. Nobody will laugh or tease here for anyone’s mistakes. Those who have inertia about English can easily overcome by practicing, especially by commenting here regularly. Comment is a key word of this group. By regular commenting everyone has improved here. This group don’t teach any kind of grammar, tense or vocabulary. This is an English practice group. Everyone who have eagerness for skillful in English, have to gain skills on his own capability and this is the spirit of this group. Razib Ahmed bhai is the founder of this group. He and all the admin of search English group are very dedicated to this group. They always thought how the members can improve in English so that day by day they have established many new projects like English Spoken Adda for improving our English speaking, Reading section for habituate our reading ability and Writing section for improving our writing power.Day by day this group is flourishing.
From December 2016 I have engaged with this group.I was a member of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) group.From e-Cab I am a follower of Razib Ahmed bhai. He have a great personality to attract people. His dedication for E-Commerce sector and e-Cab group attracted me a lot so that reason i was a fan of him like others. I acquainted with this search English group from a post of Razib Ahmed bhai from e-CAB .So that as a follower of him I just joined this group. At the early stage, I don’t have any interest for this group. I never thought before to be skilled in English. After joining in few days I slightly got interested for practicing English and I started commenting and posting here. After started commenting I started to gave post like 400/500 words in this group. Suddenly one day I have noticed one of a member wrote 2000 words post in this group. From that days I have eagerly waited for a long post of mine. I have some experiences of traveling Indian Dooar’s forest and Mirik (Darjeeling).I shared my traveling experience in the group. Amazingly that was 4000 plus words post. I have never thought that I can write anything more than 4000 words in English. After that post within few hour’s I don’t know that was coincidence or not, I have got a friend request from Razib Ahmed bhai. I have involved with Search English spoken adda. From first day I have joined with adda but I have some inertia to speak in English but after few days I have overcome from my inertia when I noticed many people has spoke there fluently. Though all of them was not speaking in accurately but that was not the factor. The main things is everybody can speaks fluently.

I was listened about freelancing but I never thought to be a freelancer. Actually I didn’t have any proper idea of freelancing. After involving with this group I know a little bit about freelancing or content writing. On 2nd April of this month I saw a post of Razib Ahmed bhai. He gave a post on behalf of a member who was seeking a freelance content writer in English. As a curiosity I just commented on the post and the person told me to send any sample of my writing. He wanted any kind of short story in English which content dialogues between two people. He preferred any ghost story. I agreed to gave him my writing sample so that within few hours I have written a dialogue based ghost story of 950 words on that day and sent him. He told me that they will review that and if needed they will contact with me. That was my first ever content in English.I don’t know whether my content will approved or not but it doesn’t matter for me because that content was very helpful for me to increase my confidence level and interest for freelancing. On the other side same day Safwan Zahid bhai gave a job hiring post in this group for seeking some part time creative fresh writer from Search Englisg group.I again expressed my interest there and next day he gave me a topic for writing. The topic was very surprising. He told to wrote in a topic which I never thought because the subject was not suitable for our sub continent country. The early stage first day I didn’t understand the main meaning of my topic. For that reason I had to search so many things to write my topic properly. One thing’s is very positive of the freelancing is I have to read so many articles in English for gathered proper knowledge of my topic.However next day I had submitted successfully my topic and one of my mentor Muhibul Haque bhai gave me 70 percent marks for my content. That was my first ever achievement for English writing as an amateur freelancer.Recently yesterday I have submitted my forth affiliate content writing and got my fifth job. All my writings have uploaded on their websites.

This group is my platform for English and I am a learner.Here I have acquainted with some rising inspiring persons like as Partho Pratim Mazumder, Salman Farshii, Mir Zahid Shawon, Suzon Khan, Pulak Mallik, Abu Hamza Khalid, Alamgir Hossain Rafii, S M Mehdi Hassan, Abdul Alim, Mahi Uddin, Sumon Mallik.
Whatever I learns about English in my entire life was in dormant position but here my English knowledge is now exhibited day by day. Whereas at the early stage many people tried to create problems for the policy of this group. But now this group has changed so many people’s life. Many people’s are now skillful in English by practicing here and many of them started earning money for being skilled in English from this group. Day by day the popularity of this group has been increasing around the world. That day is not so far when this group will be the top most English learning platform around the world.

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