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Welcome to Search English

This is our first and it is a historical thing we are doing. I am sure that many persons will join in the coming days not from Bangladesh only but from many parts of the world. The idea is very simple. We will practice English writing here. You can write about any topic here except religion, politics and pornography. We will not allow any hate post either. No link spam or any kind of spam will be tolerated.

We already have around 15 persons here and we will write regularly and support each other. Comment a lot in the posts and let us have nice discussion. Do not worry about making mistakes. We have not come here to give exam or write English poems. Rather, we are here to practice English writing. I am a big supporter of freehand writing. You just think and type and this way, try for the next 30 minutes. I will be writing about improving writing skills on a regular basis.

I need support from all of you. It is a tough challenge for many of us but we have to stay motivated, support and encourage each other. Only this way, we can move forward and become skilled.

Who are with me?

This is the first post of this blog and basically it’s a short brief about our activities in this blog. Anyone is welcome to our community and invited to write on our blog. To know more about Search English, visit our About Us page. English is really very essential in our daily activities. So our invitation is for all to join with us. Your participation will help you a lot as well as others. You are going to be a part of history.

So believe in yourself and stay connected with Search English.


  • Athar Noor
    July 28, 2018

    I’m a big confirm of Search English platform.actually I’m a student of Madrash,I’m so weak in spoken and also written. but I have full confident. about the English. insha allab I will be a perfect man in English language. iI know that Mr.Razib Sir is lot popular and famous man. if he always help us. we must improve in English.
    Not more now…
    I love the
    Search English Team.
    And I’m proud for that a member of the Search.

  • Nurnobi
    July 30, 2018

    I feel proud to being a part of this essential group

  • Md. Aminul Islam
    August 8, 2018

    Yes, It’s a great platform to practice English. I am very happy to be a member of it. Last two month I practiced it and I am very benefited from it. I am very grateful to Razib Ahmed sir for creating this platform.

  • Nuria Binta Ali
    September 17, 2018

    Yeah,It’s really the best Platform to learn English.Since many months ago I joined here.But not active,cause I think that the group is like others group. But a few week ago I see many people are joined here and they make sentence very easily and I want to active here. Then still now I give my best time in this group.And, today I know many words,many tricks and many easy ways for writing any topic.Though still now I can’t speak.But I know In shall AH I will.Because this group give me confident,learn me how to talk with other’s.Finally one thing is, if anyone want to do anything from heart then he/she will.So that,today I can understand 70% of any English article.And this all is possible just because of Search English.
    Thank you sir for this Extraordinary group.

  • Admin bar avatar
    Khondaker Ismail Hossain
    September 25, 2018

    Today i join with this platform. hope i be better in there.

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